Hottest Interior Design Trends for 2017


This year is poised to be an exciting design year for interiors.  We will be updating long-lasting the trends that have been filling our homes for the past few years such as the all-white kitchens,  monochromatic interiors, barn doors and subway tile.  New designs are starting to pop up in our design magazines that are adding some different textures and colors to our lives.  Here are some of the design trends that will fill our lives in 2017:

1. Greenery and Jewel Tones

Navy and midnight colors will be fading away this year and we will see more dark greens and jewel tones.  Opals and hunter green will be the featured colors of the year.  These rich tones bring warmth to our rooms and can either play a dramatic role on our walls or act as accent colors in our furnishings.

2.  Interrupted floors

Tile and wood flooring will no longer be separated by a transitional piece when two rooms or living areas are connected.  Instead, these flooring materials will meld into one another, creating an artistic, interrupted flooring pattern.

3.  Penny Round Tile

Subway tile has been widely popular during the past 5 years.  This year, we will see tile with a more rounded shape.  Penny round tile will be featured in kitchens and in bathrooms.  It will be featured on walls and on floors, adding a very sophisticated, dressy look to our rooms!


Cork will be a hot material for 2017.  It will be featured on chandeliers, kitchenware, flooring and on walls.  This versatile material is sturdy and a natural material for the indoors.

5.  Upholstered Bed Frames

Upholstered bed frames will be popular this year.  They are a classic look that dresses up any bed.  They are also comfortable, can be bought in many different shapes, and add softness to our rooms.

We specialize in redesigning to live and staging to sell.  Statistics prove that staging a home before listing is far superior than listing a home before staging. Don’t make the mistake of adapting a wait-and-see attitude. You will get the best results when selling your home if you have it professionally staged before listing.

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Are You DYING To Sell Your Home?


Selling your home during this time of year is both a price war and a beauty contest.  Now that the holidays are approaching, today’s buyers don’t have a lot of time to search for a home.  Recent studies have shown that 98% of buyers search online before calling their real estate agent so your home should be picture perfect BEFORE it goes on the market.

Here are 5 ways to turn your stale real estate listing into a more marketable product.

1.  Hire A Realtor…And here’s why

Be sure to interview a broker who is familiar with your market.  He or she will compare your home with homes that have sold in the area, along with their features and time on the market.  Buyer beware:  Don’t rely on sites like or to give you accurate values for your home.  An appraiser will not use these websites to appraise your home and you could be undervaluing your property by listing your home based on these online values.  Once you list online by owner, buyers will see that you have tried to sell in the past. Your listing could become stale before it even hits the MLS.  A trusted, knowledgeable realtor in your area will provide you with with the best opportunity to sell your most important investment.

2.  Fix Problems BEFORE You List

The worst mistake a seller can make is the ‘List and See Approach.’  This is when a seller lists their home without taking care of those home maintenance issues. A buyer will either be scared off right away or they will see an opportunity to offer you a lower offer. Or, better yet, they will make an offer on the home but continue to negotiate the asking price after the inspection.  As a home stager, I recommend professionals to my clients who can fix these issues before the home is listed for sale so that it is ready for the market.

3. Perfect the Curb Appeal

Be sure the outside of the home is bright and well maintained. That front porch should be picture perfect.  If you need some help, a stager can ensure that the porch presents well for those MLS pictures.  If your neighbor’s lawn hasn’t been mowed in weeks, it may be worth the investment to hire a mowing company to mow their lawn to improve your showings.

4. Deep Clean

Deep clean your house extensively before your first showing.  Be sure the kitchen and bathrooms are especially clean, as you do not want these areas to be a distraction to potential buyers.  Also, be sure the main living areas of the home (living room, dining room, kitchen, master) are clutter-free so that all of the potential living space can be seen.

5.  Hire a Home Stager

Home stagers help buyers maximize the potential of every space in their home.  We ensure that those MLS pictures are perfect so that the buyer will call their agent for a showing.  Staging is not an expensive service and it can be tailored around your budget.  Keep in mind that home staging will ALWAYS be less expensive than the first price reduction!

Are You Having Trouble Selling Your Home?  

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