What’s Hot Now: 2018 Patio Trends

Garden furniture

Your backyard patio can be more than just a place to park a few chairs.  It can be transformed into another entertaining area, expanding the size of your existing living space!  This year’s patio trends are add different shapes and accessories that are brighter and bolder than last year!

1. Funky Furniture Design

Retro furniture shapes have returned in metals, wicker and wood, featured in bright colors, whites and pastels. Mosaic tables, including bright bistro tables are also a big trend this year.

2.  Jewel Tones and Deep Colors:

Outdoor umbrellas and cushions are trending in deep hues, jewel tones, purple and black this year.

3. Patterned Flooring

Colorful outdoor rugs are becoming more popular, especially on covered patios. Timber flooring painted in a checkerboard or striped pattern is also trending this year.

4. Accessories Galore

The latest patio trend accessories included sculptures, lanterns, fountains and colorful outdoor table settings. Oversized throw pillows and bright cushions are also popular this year.

5. Variety of Fire Pit Designs

Fire pits this year are being featured in square and rectangular designs, as well as mobile fire pits for smaller patios.

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Make a Holiday Centerpiece for Under $75



Thanksgiving Centerpieces can be elegant and with some planning, reusable and relatively inexpensive to make. Here’s how:

  1.  Look on Craigslist for oak boards that you can pick up for a small price or for free.  The dimensions (1/2″ thick boards) of this box are 46″L X 9″W X 5-1/2″D
  2. The box has mitered corners glued together with Tite Bond glue.  It also has splines cut into the corners for stability.
  3. I used black gel stain from General Finishes to finish the box and my husband (I always sucker him into projects!)
  4. A week before Thanksgiving, I went to Michaels and picked up floral items that were marked down 80% off.  Another option is to hit the Dollar Store early for floral supplies.
  5. I secured the floral pieces with foam blocks that I purchased at the Dollar Store.

I picked up battery operated pillar candles and tapered (drip-free candles) from Meijer and set them inside of the box on top of blocks (pillar candles) and the tapered candles are sitting in candleholders.  For the center, I used an old mercury glass pumpkin that I already owned but you could use a small pumpkin (painted or unpainted) or a rounded candle holder for the middle.

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Save Your Back This Winter! Easy Outdoor Pot Winterization

Our Solution to Saving Garage Space!

This year, my husband and I purchased new outdoor furniture and realized that we no longer had room to store our outdoor pots inside of the garage. Not only that, but we were tired of moving these heavy things!  So, we came up with an idea to protect our pots from filling with water, freezing and cracking this winter WITHOUT moving them from the patio!  We covered 4 pots for less than $30!  Here is what you’ll need:

  1.  3/4″ thick plywood
  2.  Tite Bond wood glue
  3. 1-1/4″ exterior screws

First, measure the outside and inside dimensions of each pot.  Cut the a circle equal to the outside dimensions of the pot. Cut a second circle equal to the interior dimensions of the pot.  Center the smaller circle to the larger circle and glue the two wood pieces together.   Secure them by also using a few exterior screws to provide extra support.  Use a roller and brush to paint them with an exterior paint color of your choice.  We chose to match them to the pots but a variety of colors would work!  Good luck!

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5 Patio Trends That Will Be Huge In 2017

It may be raining and cloudy outside but this is the perfect time of year to start planning your outdoor patio.  This year’s trends will include a variation of bright colors, textured furniture and a variety of furniture shapes and textures to fill your outdoor living space.  Here are the top FIVE trends for outdoor living spaces in 2017:

1.  Unique Silhouettes

Statement pieces will fill the outdoor landscapes and will include chaise lounges, conversational sofas, high canopies, sling chairs and a variety of textures to make your living space more comfortable and interesting.  Outdoor furniture will resemble the look of indoor living spaces, creating a seamless transition from your home to the patio.

2.  Vibrant Colors

Blues and greens will be a big hit outdoors this year.  From the coastal blues to the vibrant greens, stores are offering a variety of pillow textures and trims that resemble the look of an indoor fabrics.  Woven fabrics such as jute, offer a nice neutral tone that can be added to any look.

3.  Accessories

The accessories offered by online furniture stores are unlimited. For instance, outdoor lighting is a hot trend this year.  From overhead string lighting to lanterns, the options are unlimited.  Do you have a small backyard with a fence, try adding an outdoor mirror to reflect your garden area and create the look of a bigger, more formal space in your backyard.

4.  Woven Furniture

Woven furniture in a variety of colors is a big trend this year.  This style adds texture to the backyard and can be combined with any combination of colors or furniture styles.  Manufacturers have been featuring furniture in reds and more recently, blue to add more interest!

5. The Outdoor Living Room

Mixing an outdoor sofa with single chairs will give your guests a variety of choices for seating.  Mixing these furniture pieces and zoning your patio into different functional areas will create a comfortable living space for entertaining this summer.  Are you looking for a custom look?  An interior decorator can create a custom look by choosing choosing the right furniture for your space and custom fabric to create the perfect look for your backyard.

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Fallen Out of Love With Your House? Reasons To Sell It Before Spring!

Tired of your house? Are you feeling cramped in your small space?  Or are you an empty-nester who needs less space?   Instead of listing their house while the market has less competition, many homeowners wait until spring because they believe it will sell faster and for more money.  Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t wait until spring:

1. Less Competition

Right now there are less homes on the market and buyers will more likely notice your home online. Low supply usually creates an upward shift in prices.  Combine low supply with more demand in the market and you may receive more for your home now than in the spring.

2.  Time to Prepare

Over 95% of buyers look online before they visit a house on the market and staged homes sell for 8 -10% more than un-staged homes.  If your house doesn’t look picture-perfect on MLS, that potential buyer will skip over your house with just a click of their mouse.  There is still time to have your house professionally staged, an investment that usually means a one-time consultation fee for occupied homes or  .25% to 1.5% of the market value of a home if it is vacant and needs to be fully staged.  This amount is much less expensive than the carrying costs associated with paying taxes, upkeep and mortgages.  Not to mention, it is a lot less than your first price drop of $25,000 or more.  My best advice is to call a professional home stager BEFORE you call your realtor so that your house is ready for that first showing.

3. Low Interest Rates

Interest rates will go up and many would-be buyers are concerned that they will lose buying power if they wait too long. It helps sellers when buyers can afford more home due to low mortgage rates. Also, if you sell now with the plan to buy right away, you’re getting the same low interest rate advantage.


4.  Serious Buyers

Some buyers will stop looking for houses in the fall and winter months.  However, serious buyers look for homes regardless of the time of year. Buyers in the winter months have an opportunity to see what your neighborhood is really like.  Are their lights out during the holidays? Are there kids trick-or-treating?  Are the sidewalks shoveled in the wintertime?  These buyer will look for these characteristics to determine whether or not your neighborhood is a good fit for them.

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How To Create a Warm Winter Listing

These shorter days make it more challenging to show the bright features of your home. Here are some home staging tips to create a warm, welcoming environment for potential buyers during these cool winter months.

1. Start with the Outside

Be sure to shovel a clear path the entryway for your guests.  Keep all paths clear, including outdoor paths to sheds or garages.  Outdoor containers can be used for greenery to provide a more colorful front porch.  If it’s raining, put a rubber mat by the front door and provide a waterproof container by the the front door to store wet shoes and umbrellas.

2.  Beware of Odors 

A home that has not been open to the outdoors can take on different odors, especially if it has been vacant.  These odors may not be apparent to the homeowner who is currently living in the home.  As a professional home stager, it is my job to tactfully suggest that these odors be mitigated BEFORE they list their home on the market.  Once a potential buyer walks into a home with an unflattering odor, they will most likely never go back for a second look.  This home will always be known as ‘The house we looked at with the funky smell.’  Part of my job as a professional home stager is to advise the home owner on cost-effective ways to mitigate these odors.

3.  Let the Light In

Set timers for your indoor lighting so that they are on during the day when you are unable to turn on the lights for real estate showings.  Open blinds in rooms that have nice views of the outside and push back the drapery.  This is a good time to evaluate the amount of lighting that you have in each room.  It’s also a good time to evaluate the colors of your walls and decor so that they are bright and display well in the room for those important MLS photos.  Since over 90% of potential buyers shop online by looking at MLS photos before they decide to visit the home, it’s more important than ever that those MLS photos are perfect.

4. Freshen Up the Paint

Evaluate the paint colors in your rooms so that they are in keeping with the current color trends. A professional home stager can conduct a consultation to assist you with choosing colors that will help sell your home faster.  They can also recommend reputable painters who can get the job done in a timely manner.

5.  Turn Up the Heat

Turn up the thermostat so that the buyer is comfortable and will look at your house a little longer!

6.  Add Softness

Soft pillows, winter bedding, and warm blankets add softness and warmth to any room in the winter.  These details create an inviting room that will allow the buyer to visually move into the home during these darker winter months.

How will you add warmth to your home this winter?  Leave your comments here!

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Hottest Interior Design Trends for 2017


This year is poised to be an exciting design year for interiors.  We will be updating long-lasting the trends that have been filling our homes for the past few years such as the all-white kitchens,  monochromatic interiors, barn doors and subway tile.  New designs are starting to pop up in our design magazines that are adding some different textures and colors to our lives.  Here are some of the design trends that will fill our lives in 2017:

1. Greenery and Jewel Tones

Navy and midnight colors will be fading away this year and we will see more dark greens and jewel tones.  Opals and hunter green will be the featured colors of the year.  These rich tones bring warmth to our rooms and can either play a dramatic role on our walls or act as accent colors in our furnishings.

2.  Interrupted floors

Tile and wood flooring will no longer be separated by a transitional piece when two rooms or living areas are connected.  Instead, these flooring materials will meld into one another, creating an artistic, interrupted flooring pattern.

3.  Penny Round Tile

Subway tile has been widely popular during the past 5 years.  This year, we will see tile with a more rounded shape.  Penny round tile will be featured in kitchens and in bathrooms.  It will be featured on walls and on floors, adding a very sophisticated, dressy look to our rooms!


Cork will be a hot material for 2017.  It will be featured on chandeliers, kitchenware, flooring and on walls.  This versatile material is sturdy and a natural material for the indoors.

5.  Upholstered Bed Frames

Upholstered bed frames will be popular this year.  They are a classic look that dresses up any bed.  They are also comfortable, can be bought in many different shapes, and add softness to our rooms.

We specialize in redesigning to live and staging to sell.  Statistics prove that staging a home before listing is far superior than listing a home before staging. Don’t make the mistake of adapting a wait-and-see attitude. You will get the best results when selling your home if you have it professionally staged before listing.

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5 Resolutions for An Organized Home in 2017

As I was taking down my Christmas decorations last weekend (thankful that my husband was willing to climb up into the attic in 10-degree temps), I thought about how I could re-organize my living areas so that I could create more usable space in my home.

As a professional home stager and interior decorator, the first recommendation that I have for home owners and home sellers is to declutter as much as possible.  However, we still have items that we use regularly and therefore, we need to find space system to make them accessible without creating clutter. Here are 5 EASY tips on how to become better organized in 2017:

1. Work in One Room at a Time

My friend, who is a professional organizer, recommended a great organizational book called, ‘Organizing from the Inside Out’ by Julie Morgenstern.  In this book, she recommends tackling one room at a time instead of trying to reorganize multiple rooms on the same day.  Otherwise, we become distracted. For instance, you might decide to organize your main office and while sorting the built-in shelving unit, you see a book that belongs in another room.  You then take the book to the bookshelf in the other room and notice that it is completely disorganized and begin organizing the bookshelf.  After  hours of organizing, you realize that the room you set out to organize is in even more disarray than when you began.  It is best to put that ‘misplaced book’ in a pile to be moved later into the correct spot and finish the room you started.  When I took down my Christmas decorations, I practiced this technique by stowing items from one room at a time.  Next year, when I open my boxes, every item in each box will go back into the same room and it will make it much easier for me to redecorate in December.

2.  Downsize!

If you are a parent, I’m sure you can relate to an over-abundance of toys and clothing in your house after the holidays.  It is time to decide as a family which items are ready to be donated to those who can use these unused items in your home.  Charities like Purple Heart and the The Salvation Army are easy to contact online and they will gladly pick up your donated items.  If you aren’t sure, ask yourself,  “Have I worn this item of clothing in the past year?”  This year, I gave my kids a couple of bags and asked them to make choices on which toys they still play with each week.  I was surprised at how many of them they were willing to part with and they felt good about giving to charity too.  This is a great way to empower kids to make decisions and in turn, become more charitable and organized adults.

3.  Divide Each Room by ‘Zones’

Another tip that I learned from Julie Morgenstern’s book is to divide each space by zones.  For instance, in a living area, you may have an entertainment zone where you need remote controls, blankets, pillows, space to set food.  You may also have a reading zone where you need storage for books or magazines.  Another zone might be for toys or display.  Each zone should have storage for your necessary items and these storage boxes or baskets, etc. should be nearby so that it is easy to clean up after you are finished using these areas.  If storage is not accessible, it becomes easy to leave things out, creating a cluttered room.

4. Keep a Schedule

Keep a weekly cleaning schedule for you and your family.  It helps us stay on task.  Even if you have outside cleaning help, they will not help if your house is cluttered and disorganized.  To make the job easier, first have a schedule of when you do what: For example, laundry is Monday nights; bathrooms are Saturday morning; trash is Sunday nights, etc.

5.  Limit your Organizing Time and Take Care of Yourself

When you have an organized home, you have more time to eat right, exercise, socialize and take care of yourself and your family.  When you decide to begin organizing, limit your project to 2-4 hours and set a timer.  Otherwise you might burn out and decide to quit too early.  These first steps of organizing are the building blocks that create a happier and healthier life.

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Do you have any organizing tips?  Leave your comments here. 

Are You DYING To Sell Your Home?


Selling your home during this time of year is both a price war and a beauty contest.  Now that the holidays are approaching, today’s buyers don’t have a lot of time to search for a home.  Recent studies have shown that 98% of buyers search online before calling their real estate agent so your home should be picture perfect BEFORE it goes on the market.

Here are 5 ways to turn your stale real estate listing into a more marketable product.

1.  Hire A Realtor…And here’s why

Be sure to interview a broker who is familiar with your market.  He or she will compare your home with homes that have sold in the area, along with their features and time on the market.  Buyer beware:  Don’t rely on sites like Zillow.com or Tuilia.com to give you accurate values for your home.  An appraiser will not use these websites to appraise your home and you could be undervaluing your property by listing your home based on these online values.  Once you list online by owner, buyers will see that you have tried to sell in the past. Your listing could become stale before it even hits the MLS.  A trusted, knowledgeable realtor in your area will provide you with with the best opportunity to sell your most important investment.

2.  Fix Problems BEFORE You List

The worst mistake a seller can make is the ‘List and See Approach.’  This is when a seller lists their home without taking care of those home maintenance issues. A buyer will either be scared off right away or they will see an opportunity to offer you a lower offer. Or, better yet, they will make an offer on the home but continue to negotiate the asking price after the inspection.  As a home stager, I recommend professionals to my clients who can fix these issues before the home is listed for sale so that it is ready for the market.

3. Perfect the Curb Appeal

Be sure the outside of the home is bright and well maintained. That front porch should be picture perfect.  If you need some help, a stager can ensure that the porch presents well for those MLS pictures.  If your neighbor’s lawn hasn’t been mowed in weeks, it may be worth the investment to hire a mowing company to mow their lawn to improve your showings.

4. Deep Clean

Deep clean your house extensively before your first showing.  Be sure the kitchen and bathrooms are especially clean, as you do not want these areas to be a distraction to potential buyers.  Also, be sure the main living areas of the home (living room, dining room, kitchen, master) are clutter-free so that all of the potential living space can be seen.

5.  Hire a Home Stager

Home stagers help buyers maximize the potential of every space in their home.  We ensure that those MLS pictures are perfect so that the buyer will call their agent for a showing.  Staging is not an expensive service and it can be tailored around your budget.  Keep in mind that home staging will ALWAYS be less expensive than the first price reduction!

Are You Having Trouble Selling Your Home?  

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Fall Staging Tips to Make Your Home Unforgettable


1. Cozy Up the Place

It’s important to make the home feel warm during these cooler months.  Add a soft blanket in the living room, use seasonal flowers or anything that will make the buyer feel as though they want to relax in your home and move right in.

2.  Add Seasonal Scents…but not too much!

Add some scented candles in the room or bake an apple pie before an important showing.  This will evoke the feeling of fall and bring back memories of the season.  Try not to mix too many scents, as it could become overwhelming.

3.  Bring in the Light

The days are becoming shorter so be sure to light all of your lamps  before a showing.  It’s best to have different light sources in a room.  It also might be a good idea to add battery operated candles in these colder months.

4. Add Fall to your Yard but Don’t Overdue it.  

Good Idea:  Add seasonal decor such as pots of mums or pumpkins

Bad idea: Don’t add the large scarecrow display or the extensive spiderweb collection on the front bushes when you are trying to sell your home.   I

Keep it tasteful so that your seasonal decor adds character to your wonderful home & doesn’t distract buyers as they walk up to your front door.

Remember! It only takes buyers LESS THAN 5 MINUTES to form an opinion on your home!

First Impression Home Staging helps homeowners maximize the potential of their home so that they are ready for their first showing.

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