How To Create a Warm Winter Listing

These shorter days make it more challenging to show the bright features of your home. Here are some home staging tips to create a warm, welcoming environment for potential buyers during these cool winter months.

1. Start with the Outside

Be sure to shovel a clear path the entryway for your guests.  Keep all paths clear, including outdoor paths to sheds or garages.  Outdoor containers can be used for greenery to provide a more colorful front porch.  If it’s raining, put a rubber mat by the front door and provide a waterproof container by the the front door to store wet shoes and umbrellas.

2.  Beware of Odors 

A home that has not been open to the outdoors can take on different odors, especially if it has been vacant.  These odors may not be apparent to the homeowner who is currently living in the home.  As a professional home stager, it is my job to tactfully suggest that these odors be mitigated BEFORE they list their home on the market.  Once a potential buyer walks into a home with an unflattering odor, they will most likely never go back for a second look.  This home will always be known as ‘The house we looked at with the funky smell.’  Part of my job as a professional home stager is to advise the home owner on cost-effective ways to mitigate these odors.

3.  Let the Light In

Set timers for your indoor lighting so that they are on during the day when you are unable to turn on the lights for real estate showings.  Open blinds in rooms that have nice views of the outside and push back the drapery.  This is a good time to evaluate the amount of lighting that you have in each room.  It’s also a good time to evaluate the colors of your walls and decor so that they are bright and display well in the room for those important MLS photos.  Since over 90% of potential buyers shop online by looking at MLS photos before they decide to visit the home, it’s more important than ever that those MLS photos are perfect.

4. Freshen Up the Paint

Evaluate the paint colors in your rooms so that they are in keeping with the current color trends. A professional home stager can conduct a consultation to assist you with choosing colors that will help sell your home faster.  They can also recommend reputable painters who can get the job done in a timely manner.

5.  Turn Up the Heat

Turn up the thermostat so that the buyer is comfortable and will look at your house a little longer!

6.  Add Softness

Soft pillows, winter bedding, and warm blankets add softness and warmth to any room in the winter.  These details create an inviting room that will allow the buyer to visually move into the home during these darker winter months.

How will you add warmth to your home this winter?  Leave your comments here!

Call us for a customized home staging consultation.  We specialize in redesigning to live and staging to sell. Statistics prove that staging a home before listing is far superior than listing a home before staging. Don’t make the mistake of adapting a wait-and-see approach to selling your home. You will get the best results when selling your home if you have it professionally staged before listing.

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